Preparing for a Reading + What to ask the Akashic Records

How should I prepare for an Akashic Records Reading?

As your Reader, all I need is the name you resonate with (either your full name or nickname) and the set of questions you want to ask the Akashic Records. Your questions will drive the reading, so it is important to ask the right ones. Here are some important things to consider:

  • Having an open mind is the most important of it all. Your openness to receive will reflect the depth of messages that will come through.
  • Your reading is about you. Accessing the Records is accessing your entire SOUL history. Make sure to ask questions that are about you & will support you. 

What Should I Ask?

How, What, Why and Open ended questions are the best questions. The Records honor our free will. They will not tell us what choice to make, or what path we should take. Feel free to ask anything about any area of your life. You can ask about your purpose, your relationships and how you can move forward to support your healing. Some examples are: 

  • What do I need to know right now? 
  • What do I need to learn right now?
  • What is one of my greatest Lessons to learn in this life?
  • In this chapter of my life, how can I express my gifts? 
  • How can I develop my gifts? 
  • Why am I afraid of ______?
  • How can I best support my healing right now?
  • How can I heal this wound?
  • What’s limiting me from manifesting greater abundance?
  • What is my current relationship teaching me? 
  • How can I release this pattern of toxic relationships?
  • Did I know _____  in a past lifetime? What was our connection then?
  • How can I set stronger boundaries in my life?
  • Why has it been so hard for me to stand up for myself in this lifetime?

What NOT to ask: 

  • Yes or No Questions: Questions of extreme specificity such as “what job should I do?”, “which city should I move in?” The Records honors free will. They will not give a specific answer. Always remember that part of being human is not knowing what’s coming next and the future.
  • Questions that requires access to another person’s Akashic Records: Your reading is about you. I can’t read for anyone but you. The information provided is about you and from your Highest Self only. If you’re curious about your husband, sister, friend, etc., all we can ask about are the Lessons you are to learn from them and how you can best support them.  
  • Timeline Questions: The Pinnacle also won’t provide a timeline of what will happen and when. They will provide scenarios, advice and opportunities for you to gain clarity from the wisdom they share but ultimately it is up to you to make your decisions.
  • Questions about Medical Conditions: I am not a medical professional, and can’t provide diagnosis or professional guidance. While I can ask about any spiritual/energetic root causes, but I cannot guarantee physical healing.

Final note: What I connect to is your soul’s history.

Keep an open mind, release all your personal expectations and attachment to what you desire to receive. 

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