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    Embracing your Seasons

    One of the most interesting metaphors of human life I have heard from my Akashic Records is how we mirror nature. Just like nature, we go through our seasons, our cycles. Death and rebirth is a theme that plays in the entirety of our life. Lately, I have been questioning my decisions. I feel like at 25, I haven’t done anything remarkable. I scroll through social media everyday and see young influencers living their best lives and sometimes, I seek for what they have – time, money, freedom, space. I am thankful because my guides are ever so patient with me and they slap me (lovingly) back into reality whenever…

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    Akashic Records,  Spirituality

    From a 9-5 Job to an Akashic Records Reader: A New Journey

    If someone had told me two years ago that I would eventually start my own spiritual business, I would’ve thought that that person was crazy. I’ve had one plan from the beginning. After college, I’d find a job to stick with and that’s it. Time has a funny way of setting things in place. Or should I say, listening to myself had brought me into something I would never have imagined. From a full time corporate employee, I am now an Akashic Records Reader.  “What does that even mean?” That was a question I had, and you are probably wondering about that too. Let’s go back from where it all…