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    November 2022 Channeled Guidance from the Akashic Records

    Hello my love! Every month, I channel guidance and alignment tips from the Akashic Records and share them on my instagram account, risingmodernwoman. I decided to share it on the website as well, so you can access it anytime. I’m sending you so much love! Here’s the channeled messages for this month: November 2022 Akashic Energy Report “Be still. Observe. Make time for silence. It has been a long, arduous, challenging journey, and you have made it here. You may feel like this part of your life is irrelevant, even worrying, because you feel like you are too far from the summit. Yet, have you forgotten that the journey is…

  • Lessons I Learned After Quitting my First Job
    Life Lessons

    Lessons I Learned After Quitting my First Job

    I quit my first corporate job last year and told myself that I would take a conscious three month break. I wanted to take a sacred pause to ask myself where I want my life to go. It was a big risk, I had nothing else. I survived four years of my life through the paycheck of that job. Cutting it all off was incredibly scary. I thought I was losing my mind.   In those four years, I was in the same industry, doing almost the same thing each day.Suddenly – I was doing nothing.  At first, the experience was exhilarating. The moment you realize that you are no longer…

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    The Art of Surrendering

    “Surrender” In times of war and battle, this might be a word tainted with a negative connotation. However, just like how anything can be viewed in two perspectives, I am seeing the other side of its meaning. Last weekend, my partner and I went back to his hometown to visit. We had no plans at all. His aunt, out of nowhere, proposed that we should go to an organic farm, somewhere in the middle of the mountains. It was a rainy and gloomy day and we had no idea if it was the best option. Despite the initial reluctance, we still agreed anyway.  It was a long drive and up…

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    Embracing your Seasons

    One of the most interesting metaphors of human life I have heard from my Akashic Records is how we mirror nature. Just like nature, we go through our seasons, our cycles. Death and rebirth is a theme that plays in the entirety of our life. Lately, I have been questioning my decisions. I feel like at 25, I haven’t done anything remarkable. I scroll through social media everyday and see young influencers living their best lives and sometimes, I seek for what they have – time, money, freedom, space. I am thankful because my guides are ever so patient with me and they slap me (lovingly) back into reality whenever…

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    From a 9-5 Job to an Akashic Records Reader: A New Journey

    If someone had told me two years ago that I would eventually start my own spiritual business, I would’ve thought that that person was crazy. I’ve had one plan from the beginning. After college, I’d find a job to stick with and that’s it. Time has a funny way of setting things in place. Or should I say, listening to myself had brought me into something I would never have imagined. From a full time corporate employee, I am now an Akashic Records Reader.  “What does that even mean?” That was a question I had, and you are probably wondering about that too. Let’s go back from where it all…

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    Feeling “Unaccomplished” at 25

    Growing up in an asian household as the eldest daughter is tough. The immense pressure to perform well in everything was real. Growing up, I never cut myself some slack. I managed to graduate college and I thought that everything would somehow get itself sorted from there. I was so wrong.  Here I am, at 25, feeling like I have gotten nowhere. Working for four years in corporate, I had no savings, no house of my own, and no car. I was busting my brains out thinking how on earth did some of my batchmates accomplish most of that? Looking back on the last four years, rummaging through everything I…

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    Self Care Amidst a Pandemic

    We never saw the pandemic coming. I honestly never thought that  I would experience a world pandemic in my lifetime. It struck the world like a sudden bolt of lightning and we were all unprepared. Aside from all the drastic changes it has brought upon the world, it also took a toll on something really personal among all of us – our mental health. Apart from our day to day worries, we also began to worry about our health, our safety, and our future. The pandemic made it even harder for us to be more hopeful and look forward to what’s to come. We are often left with thoughts like: …

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    When Life isn’t What You Expected After Graduating

    Growing up, I thought that after I had finished college, everything will fall into place. I wanted to work as early as I could. While I was studying, I wanted every year to pass quickly. I thought that graduating would immediately turn my life around. I was not prepared for how I would feel after I had a taste of adulthood. I did well at school. There was a system I can count on. If I study and work hard, I will get results. It was that simple. After I had finished my studies, I immediately applied for a job and got accepted. I thought the journey ends there. I…

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    How Gratitude Transformed My Life

    I do not believe in band aid solutions. It takes a lot of courage and effort to get out of our dark days. I have been in phases where I can’t even think of a reason to keep going. I was once doubtful and had no idea if anything matters at all. Don’t get me wrong, despite having said all of that, this is not meant to be a grim blog post. Instead, it’s the opposite. I want to talk about something that painted color to my gray skies. Gratitude changed my life. It transformed my mindset in so many ways possible. I was a pessimist before and I always…

  • How Perfectionism Holds You Back
    Life Lessons

    How Perfectionism Holds You Back

    I once considered myself a perfectionist and it robbed and drained my joy. As someone with a Virgo sun placement, one of my natural tendencies is to overcheck everything and make sure that it’s perfect. However, as years went by, I realized how unhappy and uncontended I am. There seems to be an endless list of things to improve. I was never good enough for myself. I delayed starting anything because it’s not “polished” and “perfect” enough. This desire for perfection became my worst enemy.  After all, what’s “perfect”? No matter how amazing something is, there will always be a room for improvement. No matter how good you are in…