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April 2023 – Channeled Guidance from the Akashic Records

Welcome, April! This month’s channeled guidance is reminding us to see how much we have grown and to take the courage to embrace this newness as we move on to a new chapter. We are being called to appreciate what we’ve been through and celebrate our victories, no matter how small they seem. This life calls for constant evolution, and it’s inevitable that we outgrow some parts of ourselves and even the people who used to be a huge part of our world. 

As you move through changes, I pray that you’ll have the courage to do what’s best for you. I hope that these messages will support you in any way.

April 2023 Akashic Records Energy Report

Boundless. Limitless. That is what you are. You have shackled yourself in the chains of self-doubt, in the chains of old systems, in the chains of old beliefs. You can set yourself free. You should set yourself free. This is the time to meet yourself again for the first time. You have grown so well, you have endured so well. What has changed? Ask this, and you’ll see, just how deserving you are to celebrate your growth. 

Have the courage to meet yourself, the you that you are right now. You have done the work, marvel at how much you have accomplished. You have learned so much. Thank yourself for holding on even though things got rough. Give yourself this new slate, this knowing that even if you aren’t the same person you were before, all that has changed within you is for your Highest Good. 

As you step into this new era of learning about who you truly are, give yourself the space to be curious. Follow the tugs of your curiosity, as it may lead to your next best thing. Remember, you are an ever-evolving, ever-changing being. There is no need to be afraid of change, and there is no need to be afraid of outgrowing people. Everyone you have met taught you something, and there will be times when you have to bid goodbye. 

Harbor no resentment, harbor no grudge. You are powerful, and you can release this heaviness for your peace of mind and heart. As you continue to change, learn to love yourself every step of the way. Be your own light, be your own guide. You have everything you need within you. Believe that everything that has transpired and everything that will transpire is for your greater good. You are always supported no matter what. 

Alignment Tips for April 2023

  • Revisit your dreams and aspirations. You are continuously evolving and growing, and the things you might have wanted in the past may no longer align with you. Revisit your dreams, and don’t be afraid to pivot. Remember, you are never stuck on one road. You can move, you can change direction. Be true to yourself, and follow your true north. 
  • Be open to new connections, new people. It can be easy to get stuck in the same cycles, especially if you are with the same people and are navigating the same circumstances. Be open to new adventures, and don’t be afraid to make new friends. Everyone has a story to share, and you can learn so much with every conversation. 
  • Never stop learning. There is no limit to what you can do, what you can try, and how much you can learn in this lifetime. You are never too old or too young to nourish your mind with new things. Be open to new knowledge, and never stop learning. Things are always changing, and it is existing to continuously harness the skills given to you. As you learn more about yourself and the world, the more you gain the capability to showcase your light and impact the people around you. Don’t be afraid to become a beginner. 
  • Don’t be guilty of making yourself a priority. You can’t pour from an empty cup. As much as you want to be available for everyone, you deserve the time to recharge and replenish. Don’t feel guilty for needing time for yourself. Give yourself the same attention, love and compassion you give to the people closest to your heart. 

I hope that these messages will support you! Sending so much love,

Kath x

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