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January 2023 – Channeled Guidance from the Akashic Records

Happy New Year, my love! ♡

As a new slate is presented to us, there is a pressure to shift, to change, to move. It can be really overwhelming. Amidst it all, be gentle with yourself. This month’s channeled guidance from the Akashic Records is encouraging us to trust the process and acknowledge life’s different seasons. I hope that this message serves you in any way.

January 2023 Akashic Records Energy Report

“Like a flower slowly blossoming, trust the process. The seed lives in darkness before it sprouts in the open. The seed thrives in constant nourishment, hidden away, in the dark depths of the soil before it gets to see the beauty of the world above. In your darkest times, remember this miracle. Remember the miracle of life. How something springs to nothing, how new beginnings don’t always start in absolute certainty. Remember the phases of life, the cycles. Remember the seasons. When you do, you also remember that it’s alright to be exactly where you are right now. You might feel like the peak is so far, you may feel like there’s still so much to conquer. That’s fine. Life is not a plateau of pinnacles, not a constant rush of achievements, valor, and certain victories. Allow yourself to bask in whatever moment is in front of you. It’s alright. Where you are right now is where you need to be. Trust. Always.”

Alignment Tips for January 2023

1. Set systems. Set systems that work for you. Make positive habits easy. Make it simple. People place too much pressure on themselves, but the truth is, you can keep things simple. Start small. You don’t have to dive into great feats to improve your life. Small changes are the key, and you can set systems to make these changes easy. 

2. Be sincerely kinder to yourself. Forgive your shortcomings, and see the mistakes of the past as learning experiences. Don’t dwell too much that the beauty of the present becomes foggy. Have compassion for yourself. You are divine, but you are also human. You are learning, and learning isn’t perfect. There are twists and turns in your plot, and you can make decisions you might regret. Don’t take it to heart, forgive yourself, and be gentle with your being.  

3. Truly marvel at the sight of the world around you. Nature is a gift. Bask in the sun, make time to visit the ocean, and hear the sound of crashing waves. When you look at nature, you see how everything blends well, how everything has a purpose, how everything is meant to exist. You forget that sometimes. You question why you’re here and wonder if you deserve to be here. You are part of nature, you are part of the grand scheme of things, you have a purpose. Don’t ever forget that. 

4. Foster gratitude the moment you open your eyes. Every breath you take is a blessing, a reminder that you’re alive and well. Give thanks to this fact the moment you wake up and see your life transform. See how the universe will give you more things to be grateful for. Gratitude is a superpower, as it can be challenging to see what to be thankful for in a world where every negative thing is announced and magnified in paper.

I hope that this supports you in any way, my love!

Sending you love,