Akashic Records

December 2022 Channeled Guidance from the Akashic Records

This month’s Akashic Energy Report is reminding us to listen to ourselves. The world outside of us can be deafening. Only by taking the time to sit in silence and ask ourselves the hard questions can we realize the things that truly matter to us and where our soul wants to go. May this message encourage you to take time to be with yourself this month and reflect on the path you want to take. As another year lies ahead, may we all set our sights on the things that will bring joy and fulfillment to our souls. Here’s the full channeled message & alignment tips:

December 2022 Akashic Energy Report

“Be comfortable with stillness. Be comfortable with just being. Be comfortable with observing. Have you ever asked yourself this question lately: Have I truly lived my life? There is too much noise from outside of you. There are too many opinions, too many suggestions. You lived your life always seeking for directions. Yet, what if where you are meant to go is embedded within your heart and soul? What if, if you take time to look within and listen to yourself, you’ll see the answers right in front of you? When the noise outside becomes too deafening, learn to sit with silence. Learn to sit with yourself.

This is the time for you to TRULY LISTEN TO YOURSELF. It’s time to recognize your own voice and hear what it has to say. It’s time to ask yourself: What do I truly want? Where do I truly desire to go? What are my dreams? So often, our ambitions are tinted by borrowed perspectives of the world we live in. Yet, even before your soul decided to be here, you already know the answers. It’s time to listen to yourself, it’s time to listen to your voice. It’s YOUR TIME. Make your life your own. You deserve to be heard. You deserve to live as the most authentic version of you. “

Alignment Tips for December 2022

1. Reminisce, see how far you have come. Take time to be proud of yourself this month. You have come so far. When you look at your life, you might think that nothing has changed. Yet, every step you took to move forward served as a catalyst for your growth. See how far you have come, and be proud of yourself. 

2. Assess. As the new year comes, a new slate is given to you. Assess what you want to bring in this new chapter. Don’t feel guilty about letting things go. In the journey, you have to bring the things that serve you. Bringing the things that are no longer serving your highest good can slow your pace down and burden you. Let them go. 

3. Make time for yourself. Spend time with yourself. Carve out a day, an hour, a minute in your life to spend time with yourself. Ask yourself the hard questions. Who am I? What do I like? What makes me happy? What makes me sad? These questions may sound simple. But if you have spent your life focusing on being available for others, you might not know the answers to them at all. Take time to learn more about yourself. It’s worth it.

4. Practice moderation in everything. Life is beautiful, life is full of happiness. Yet, ensure that you still practice moderation in everything you do. Too much of something can harm you. Remember, do everything in balance. Balance is key in everything you do. Love yourself enough to honor your body, and consume everything in moderation. 

I hope that this supports you in any way, my love!

Sending you love,