Akashic Records

November 2022 Channeled Guidance from the Akashic Records

Hello my love! Every month, I channel guidance and alignment tips from the Akashic Records and share them on my instagram account, risingmodernwoman. I decided to share it on the website as well, so you can access it anytime. I’m sending you so much love!

Here’s the channeled messages for this month:

November 2022 Akashic Energy Report

“Be still. Observe. Make time for silence. It has been a long, arduous, challenging journey, and you have made it here. You may feel like this part of your life is irrelevant, even worrying, because you feel like you are too far from the summit. Yet, have you forgotten that the journey is not just a step toward the peak? Every road, every path, every step you choose to take is meant to lead you somewhere. It is all perfect. It is all Divinely planned, divinely timed. Every phase of your life serves its purpose, even the time of silence, and even the time for a pause. It is just as important as the season you value the most. Learn this, and you can then live in the present moment. People walk the earth, worrying about the things they can’t change from the past and what is yet to come in the future. They forget that only what’s in the present moment is what’s real. Hold on to what you have right now, where you are right now, and see how it serves you. You are exactly where you need to be. You don’t need to rush, you don’t need to run. Enjoy the present moment. Breathe. Observe. There is so much to learn in being still.”

Alignment Tips for November

1. Declutter. You have a lot of energy clinging onto you, and it is time to let them go. Before the year ends, make time to assess what no longer serves you and let them go. These aren’t just material things. These may be emotions, people, relationships, and beliefs. You are in control of where you feed your energy, remember that. 

2. Speak your truth. The time to hide and the time to fit in is over. No longer can you hide from yourself. Speak your truth, and be your most authentic self. Remember, the people who are meant to stay in your life will accept you for who you are, and not only as the person you become when you live for them and not for yourself. It’s time to shine your light, it’s time to be who you truly are.

3. Don’t overthink about the future. All that you have is the now. There are endless things to think about if you focus your attention on the timeline that is yet to unfold. There are countless possibilities, and you can’t waste your energy on overthinking each possibility. Instead, focus on the now, and what’s meant to come shall follow.

4. Make time for yourself. Ask yourself what activities make you happy, what acts bring light and joy to your soul, and set aside time for that. Growing up, society might have clipped your wings and forced you to fit into a box. Yet, as you realize your sovereignty and your freedom to choose your life’s path, you re-learn who you truly are and what you value. Trust yourself, and make time to make yourself happy. You deserve it. 

I hope that these messages support you, my love.

Sending you love,