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From a 9-5 Job to an Akashic Records Reader: A New Journey

If someone had told me two years ago that I would eventually start my own spiritual business, I would’ve thought that that person was crazy. I’ve had one plan from the beginning. After college, I’d find a job to stick with and that’s it. Time has a funny way of setting things in place. Or should I say, listening to myself had brought me into something I would never have imagined. From a full time corporate employee, I am now an Akashic Records Reader. 

“What does that even mean?”

That was a question I had, and you are probably wondering about that too. Let’s go back from where it all began. I was at the worst place – mentally, emotionally, physically a few years ago. Way back in 2019, I considered myself dead inside. A lifetime of people pleasing, unresolved traumas and codependency ruled my life and I was miserable. I spent each day wondering when things would change or if it would even get better. My mental health was in shambles. For a long while, I felt empty and unfulfilled. When I eventually reached a tipping point, a phase in my life when I had a couple of breakdowns in a week, I took a chance to ask myself how I can get back on track and change my life for the better. 

It was a curious decision I made way back November 1, 2019 that changed my life forever. Desperate to find answers, I opened Youtube and typed “how to change my life”. Lots of personal development videos came through the results and I binged on them all. I found Lavendaire, now my all time personal development channel and I fell in love (not romantically, of course). I fell in love with her grace, how she carried herself, how she made a career out of helping people become their best selves. I had that spark of knowing. “Someday, I want to impact other people’s lives for the better too.”  

I made a commitment to do something to take care of myself better from there. I consumed a lot of personal development content, got into the law of attraction and improved my mindset. One day, while I was listening to Lavendaire’s podcast, I came across her interview with an Akashic Records Reader. I was so intrigued with the whole conversation. I felt so drawn. The information was new but it felt like my soul has known this for a long time. Right after listening to the episode, I followed the Akashic Records Reader, Ashley Wood and I binged on her content as well. Little did I know, she would be my Akashic Records Mentor in the future.

I wanted to work with the Records but I didn’t know where to start. I read Linda Howe’s book on How to Read the Akashic Records and I tried learning it on my own. Whenever I open the Records, I receive messages of love and support but I never truly knew how to move forward with it. After that, I kept the Akashic Records at the back of my head. It was intimidating. I knew I wanted to dive in but I felt like I was not ready. 

Fast forward two years later, 2021, I had the biggest turning point in my personal development journey. I invested a lot of money in courses, memberships and books. I felt so much pride knowing that I had grown so much. However, there was a nudge inside of me that wanted more. 

It was fate that I was led to know one of my mentors, Jamie, who also became my close friend. I invested in one of her coaching services and we got to know each other really well. Our relationship was something that I have never experienced in my life. It was a kind of connection that seemed to echo beyond a lifetime here on earth. We would send each other countless voice messages in a day and would talk about literally everything under the sun. Somehow, I felt a powerful shift in my life the moment we met. Eventually, we started seeing signs. Our conversation seamlessly flowed to the Akashic Records. For some reason, we led each other back to the Records. 

I mustered all the courage to invest in the course I have been eyeing for almost two years: How to Read the Akashic Records with the Pinnacle, a course by Ashley Wood, the very first person whom I heard the Akashic Records from. It would soon be revealed that it would change my life forever. 

The moment I opened the Akashic Records for the first time in years, I felt the incredible rush of energy come through me. I felt alive. My eyes were closed but I have seen the brightest red color I have ever seen in my life. I heard these words clearly:

“You are about to ignite a spark within the collective. You are about to ignite a spark to humankind. You are here for a reason and you must remember this reason now. You are a pure conduit of love and peace.”

Deep within, I had knowing of my purpose. I am here to be of service through this gift. Without a doubt in my head, I knew what I was supposed to do. I answered my calling and now, I am an Akashic Records Reader.

I have read the Akashic Records for quite a few people now and I have received the most heartwarming messages after. Just reading them makes it so clear for me that I was meant to do this. 

We all have our unique light. We all have a unique way of shining our ray of light to the world. Time has a way of setting things in place. Time has a way of making us evolve. At this point in time, everything is clear. I am excited about how things will unfold. I can’t wait to embark on this new journey with you.

Thank you for spending time with me today.

Love + Light


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Akashic Records Reading Testimonials

“When I was listening to the grounding meditation Kath provided before reading the channeled messages for me, I felt my third eye throb like never before. I felt so so connected to the cosmos above me and the ground within me. It was so powerful, so magical.

When I opened the document, I immediately felt connected. Words cannot fully describe my experience. The words she typed felt like they came to life! They were there, singing to me, embracing me with their energy. The amount of images and metaphors she saw were crazy! It all supported me and it’s so so clear. It validated everything I was receiving myself as I also read the Records, but Kath has a unique gift – she feels and sees so so deeply and clearly. I especially loved the alignment tips, they all made so much sense! No words can describe the experience, you just have to experience it for yourself to know what I mean!

Thank you for the work you do. Thank you for stepping into your power Kath! ✨💫


“My Akashic records reading was truly eye-opening and it gave me immense relief. Eye-opening in the fact that many unsettled questions I had were finally answered that always lingered in my mind. The experience also provided reassurance from the things that I have always had doubts on. Things that always made me think that if I did this or focused on that maybe things would have been different has been erased because of wisdom imparted on the messages. I felt very comfortable and believed I was in a safe space free from fear and judgements.”


Through my Akashic Records Reading, I was able to experience something entirely new to me. What I felt while and after reading was a deep connection with myself and everything around me. All of what was inscribed in the document makes sense to me and it even helped me to learn more about myself. I was able to answer the questions that I had in my mind since I was a kid. Aside from that, I was able to realize why I made certain decisions in the past and how I acted. It truly felt like my past, present, and future came together in order to tell me the things that I’m supposed to know right now. I felt overwhelmed and mindblown with the information I received but also excited and hopeful for what may come my way after realizing so many things through this Akashic Records Reading.


“The night before I booked an appointment for my Akashic Records reading, I was a wreck. I  felt like I wanted to give up already. But something tells me that I should open my Facebook.  Scrolling through fb, I saw Kath’s post about her new journey. I messaged her immediately because I felt like this is what I need. And I was right. My Akashic Records reading made me feel better. It gives me a reason not to give up and there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Kath, your words gave me hope. Thank you for giving me a chance to listen to my guides. Your reading is very helpful.”