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Self Care Amidst a Pandemic

We never saw the pandemic coming. I honestly never thought that  I would experience a world pandemic in my lifetime. It struck the world like a sudden bolt of lightning and we were all unprepared. Aside from all the drastic changes it has brought upon the world, it also took a toll on something personal among all of us – our mental health. Apart from our day-to-day worries, we also began to worry about our health, our safety, and our future. The pandemic made it even harder for us to be more hopeful and look forward to what’s to come. We are often left with thoughts like: 

“When will this end?”

“Is there a point in anything that I’m doing?”

“I’m so stuck..”

Probably the worst part (for our crumbling mental health) is that some people found time to be more productive and successful during this pandemic. However, this blog is not meant to make you feel guilty for not being able to do that. Although some people were able to thrive during these times, that does not make you any less of a person if you don’t. Remember, we are in the middle of a crisis – a WORLD crisis. You are not expected to become the queen or king of your craft during this time. Right now is one of the most important times to be gentle with yourself.

It’s okay to take it slow. It’s okay to take your time. It’s okay to take each day as it comes. You are not a machine. You have all the right to feel down and disheartened right now. Just getting through each day in one piece right now is a victory. It is not easy to see the silver lining when things are crumbling. Forgive yourself for not being able to do that right now. Instead of beating yourself up for “not being productive”, thank yourself. Thank yourself for not giving up even when the world is in shambles. Thank your body for all that it does for you. Thank yourself for still having the strength to wake up, go on with life, and try your best. You don’t have to be a champion right now. You don’t have to be your best self. 

What simple thing can you do today to love yourself through this time? It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. Self-care is not only about bubble baths, journaling, and meditation. The things that bring you joy can be the most trivial things in the world. Whether it’s rewatching your comfort series or buying an ice cream, or listening to your favorite album or artist, go for it! I’ll probably listen to folklore and evermore for the nth time.

A word before I end this, whilst it doesn’t feel like it sometimes, things get better. When we are in our darkest times, it’s easy to believe that we can’t bounce back. But it is also our human nature to persevere. If you are reading this right now, you are trying. The fact that you wanted to know about self-care is a step forward. Even if all you did today was survive, celebrate it. 

I hope that this blog supported you.

Sending all my love,