About RMW

Hey, I’m Kath. I love cats, coffee and rainy days. 

Hi gorgeous girl! I am Kathren Kelly, a mindset mentor and lifestyle blogger who blends the beauty of spirituality and practicality for modern women! 

A few years ago, I was completely lost. I woke up everyday feeling empty, not knowing where to go and what my purpose is. I know that I’m not living to my fullest potential and I was sabotaging myself. 

I was not proud of my health. I ate so much junk food, I barely exercised! 

I had no clear goals for the future – I took each day as it comes.

I had  A LOT of limiting beliefs around money, abundance and relationships! 

I was a people pleaser. I was all over the place trying to make everyone in my life happy. 

I had the victim mentality. I believed that the universe and the world was conspiring against me. I blamed people and circumstances for my mishaps. 

One day, I was FINALLY fed up and I decided to take control of my life.

I discovered the Law of Attraction. From there, I learned that I attracted my current reality. Every circumstance gravitated towards me because I magnetized it. A powerful decision was made – I took charge for my life. From the victim mentality, I shifted my perspective entirely and decided to take responsibility for myself. 

I started investing in myself. I started reading more, learning more each day. Most importantly, I started learning and creating proper boundaries. I was not really “broke” but I spent so much on masterclasses and coaches BUT it was all worth it. Every cent I spent on my personal development made me who I am today – a lifelong learner with so much to share! 

My Mission 

Love, my mission is to help you finally CLAIM your power, step into your most authentic and confident self while simultaneously creating the life you dream of. You deserve everything you are envisioning. You are worthy! I am here to help you shift your mindset and unlock your full potential. 

Always remember that being you is a job that only you can do and that individuality is what will set you apart from the rest. You deserve to live the life you’ve always wanted.

Whatever you’re on this page for, always remember that I got your back.